Current Time On The Rock

Friday, June 09, 2017

One thing is for sure about living in Petty Harbour, you never know what you might come home to. Today it was not the set of a movie well at least one that has not played out yet. I saw this "green hornet" down by the dock on the way home from work. Yeah, like I'm not gonna go check that out I says. Met Brian from Ireland and Joseph from Quebec. A couple of 4-5oo ocean paddlers from around the world, a unique group, that are attempting to paddle from St. John's to ...... Yup you guessed it.......France....oops I told you that.
Talked to Brian about the trip and sounds like one hell of a ride. Paddling the whole way for two months. One paddler at a time, two hours up and two hours down. Equipped with all the essentials, weather equipment, solar panels, desalination unit for fresh water, emergency equipment and a connection to live weather as they traverse the "pond". The weather will be broadcast from yup you guessed it again........ Ireland.
I could not pass the "Sassy " and sleek look of the craft that was engineered to be self-righting and able to endure , we hope, the waters of the North Atlantic. They will be leaving the area next week with laden bellies full of calories and brave hearts.

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