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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"First Paddle Of The Year"

Though it was the first paddle of the year for me and for about a year actually, it sure was good to be back on the water. Gary here ready to go with gear organized boat ready. I was a little slow getting started today. Gasket gone in wrist of dry suit, forgot water at shuttle point, skeg cable busted (i knew this ahead of time), waterproof camera dead, battery in spare camera dead and the list went on. I had the essentials to paddle but man oh man I have some on shore work ahead of me to prepare for the next paddle.

Tobias a regular paddler with this group stopped by at the put-in with his daughter of 3 years to have a chat. Dean and Tony in the pic getting a shot of Tobias and daughter.

Had some good chats with Clyde along the way and made me reminisce about those nice ole kayak paddle chats that I have been missing for so long. With both cameras on the blink these were the only shots of the trip....the preparation before launch. 

It was nice to see all the gang again and to share in the camaraderie of a decent paddle. Brian is making his way to the waterfront and his craft. I believed he paddled one of his own fiberglass boats he made,  today. 

It was about a 19km paddle later told to me by Tony at our take-out in Quidi-Vidi. Lots of small caves along the way to explore and coastline that looked liked it was serrated with a band saw all the way along as the cliff's jagged edges etched to their bases appearing to grind the waters below.

We were also accompanied by Sean a glimpse of him in the header photo who paddled in a kayak crafted by his own hands as well. Lots of paddling talent not only in on water kayak skills but kayak construction as well.

We stopped and had a nice break at the Ocean Science Centre on our way to QV. It was an interesting landing spot with some as interesting launches after we ate. All in good humour and fun. All along the route I was lulled by the swell of the ocean and the good spirits of all on the trip, which reenforced even more vividly what I had been missing for sometime now.


Dean said...

Indeed it was a good paddle. And I think i can speak for all hands that it was especially good to see you back on the water... get your gear in order and watch the e-mails...

key west kayak said...

Welcome to comeback kayaking I think you love kayaking so much and that you come down water again.

Anaya Imtiaz said...

Grand Study