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Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Ya Better Watch Out...."

Litteraly as these submerged rocks pop up all over the coastline of the Canso penninsula and during winds or when seeking shelter might be easy to scratch the hull. Now we couldn't have that could we?
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gnarlydog said...

Stan, so how does a black hull hold up against scratches on rocks?
I mean cosmetically?
I assume they show up a bit more than on a white hull? friend of mine just got a Tahe Marine Greenland in black and while it is beautiful brand new, I wonder how will look in a year or so...

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Gnarlydog all I can say is that scratches are inevitable. They do show up more than on a white hull and you think that your boat is really taking a knockin' but I don't think anymore than the people you paddle with. When the boat is all wet you don't see them at all. Another good reason to be on the I must say that I am very glad I got black.