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Monday, August 24, 2009

"Swimming With Jelly"

This one really wanted to sting me and was trying to maneuver to do just that but I think I was proving just a bit elusive......this time!

Sometimes these Jelly Fish seem to be carrying quite a load. I am not sure of all the components of the "sea nettle" or chrysaora quinquecirrha, but there are tentacles, a structure that acts as a mouth and an anus, the bell of course and oral arms that contain components needed for digestion. They have a polyp and larvae stage and breed sexually I think. No brain or complex nervous system just a few nerve fibers. The venom is in their stingers or tentacles and will continue to release until tentacle is removed even if it isn't still attached to the bell.

They can get to a fair size in diameter and flare out like a peacock to make themselves look bigger, whether or not they actually do this as a defensive mechanism in nature I am not sure but they are captivating and graceful to watch.

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