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Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Canso Tickle to Dover Basin"


Another item I can check of the list of things I wanted to accomplish when home this time. A trip from Canso to Dover. What an awesome paddle on a beautiful day and what cpativating scenery in and around the many Islands as you meander your way around the history that shrouds our shores.
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Michael said...

I've really enjoyed this series of yours paddling from Canso to Dover. I did part of the trip when I was in Canso in '08 and found the area interesting as well. I would have continued on too, but got turned around by headwinds south of Andrew Island. You haven't mentioned seals. I seemed to be followed everywhere by them. Perhaps I ought to shower more... LOL

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Michael there were tons of seals. They are so plentiful and you get so use to them being around that you almost forget about them. It looks like mini periscopes popping up everywhere especially in the sheltered Islands around Canso and Dover also in the Fox Island area.
Glad you were able to paddle some of it though. I know alot of kayakers are making there way to this area now. I met two from Ontario while I was home. Nice camping spots too.