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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Sweet Product"

 I have to plug this product I bought at GAIA in Athens, TN. it is a waterproof waist pack called The Hipster. It has a roll down seal main pouch that is watertight when sealed and fastened. I thought at first that it may be too big and bulky when I ordered but was pleased when I got the product in the mail. I was always looking for a place to store my keys sense my keys were always the last thing out of my vehicle once everything else was out and packed. I have dry bags that I would stow but I just wanted something more accessible for when I got back and wanted to open my vehicle right away to get unloading again. Also for when I am walking round the beach on a rainy day (we get a few) or around camp you have a safe and accessible place for your cell phone, pager (I didn't say that), GPS, watch, matches, food whatever your heart desires. I can put all this in the main pouch plus a flash lite. There is a small zippered pouch on the front and on the lt. side for smaller items, and are not waterproof however. I keep a knife in one and waterproof lighter in the other. Even though they are not waterproof pouches like the main one is they are still pretty good at keeping water out. There is also a mesh pocket on the right side for a water bottle. A bit small I found for that purpose but fits my waterproof VHF just dandy that I put there when out of my boat. It also has been used to store my camera when on shore. I have found lots of uses for this product and it is easily stowed behind my kayak seat and I can use the waist belt to lock it to seat bungees in case I should have to bail and the boat tip over, wouldn't want to loose it now. The price is $38.74 American but I will not even get into the cost for duty at the boarder, taxes (CDN) etc. I highly recommend the product though and if you know someone down in the states who you could ship it to and have them send it to you as a gift you're laughing. Let me know too because in the spring I sure would like to get a Superior Greendland Paddle but not too excited about paying the horrendous extra charges and these costs are on products made in the USA. I have know idea what they mean by "free trade". It is sad really becasue we live right next door and American kayaking product from vendors such as GAIA, Primus, etc. is in my experience top notch and not always available from a vendor here in CAnada.
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pinkandgeek said...

Seal Line also makes a waistband drybag. The waist band may not be as comfortable, but a similar product.