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Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Jan. 1st, 2009 Quidi Vidi Gut, NL"

 Some members of our kayaking group here in St. John's Newfoundland playing at Quidi Vidi Harbour entrance on New Year's Day. The weather was simply miserable. Rain, sleet and wind combined to make for interesting paddling conditions. The waves outside the cliffs in the image were huge as the expanse of the ocean thrashes to a very narrow opening and when the winds are easterly, as they were, the full brunt of the Atlantic is felt. I will have a You Tube clip of this spot and some of the guys darting in and out of the opening posted soon. My you tube handle is xm64842. Interesting enough this identification number used to be the "ham operator" number to a neighbor years ago in our community called Leo Kennedy. He had polio as a child and was slightly disabled but throughout his life remained a very active and colorful figure in our area and died tragically with four other prominent members of our community in a van accident when they were on their way to a Lion's Club function. He was known around the world to a lot of Ham Radio Operators and was proud to show you the calling cards he would receive from them. Since You Tube is pretty much world wide communication format I thought it only fittng to continue with his identification and his love for meeting new people from around the globe. Here's to you Leo.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kayakers! I live in the Gut and was watching you all this in hand! I thought I would be dialing 911 for someone today if you were going to venture out in that weather! LOL! Happy Travels!