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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Ocean's Harvest"

Before our 24-26km paddle around Swale Island I took a look in this little craft shop at the edge of the cove in Happy Adventure that was to be our put-in site. The culture in these small communities is evident the moment you enter there. The people are friendly and downright hospitable. The items in this shop were all made at least to some degree from materials harvested from the ocean from around the shores of Happy Adventure. The inspiration for the works is clear but the uniqueness and the originality of the crafts are both amazing and humorous. The fun and dedication to detail in the works was apparent upon entering.


Alison Dyer said...

Hey Stan,
Good on you for getting photos (and great ones too) up on your site so soon. Presume you enjoyed the retreat - I was pleased with 3 new paddles (destinations). Oh, that's Happy Adventure (or is My Adventure a play on words?!). See you back on the water soon.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey Alison, thanks for the correction, no play on words just my iliteracy and my neanderthalishness refusal to click on spell check before I post. Much like the male refusal to stop and ask for directions when lost I Great paddling with and glad I share your love of coastline paddling, you are a brave expression my mother use to use. Hope to paddle with again soon. Use whatever pictures of mine you want to.