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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"In Two"

There are two houses here. In the following picture it looks like there is one and the land the houses are on just looks like a simple headland or point. We learned on our seakayking trip on Saturday a very rudimentary lesson in kayak navagation that had little to do with maps or GPS's and very much to do with observation. That is observation of the point you are leaving from and that means looking behind you from where you just left because more times than not it looks different upon return but if you looked behind you a few times or as well took a reverse compass bearing you would know where to paddle exactly to upon your return.

This and the next picture sort of enforces this notion. This picture sees two houses and no coves. The next picture sees one house and what looks to be meandering waterways. Just something to keep in mind next time you launch. Wouldn't hurt to remember a prominent landmark either but the compass bearing helps should you return and get trapped in fog. Features on a map or in this case in a picture can appear very different from the seat of a kayak when out there paddling.
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