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Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Bergs Thru The Rocks"

Well on the way back from the paddle I thought I'd stop and play in this little rock garden, seemed innocuous enough. This is a little isthmus between Fox Island on the right and shore on the left. I was here as tide was ebbing and the waves that were coming thru were ....well......developing. I wanted a shot of the Icebergs in the distance and was timing the waves coming thru and they just kept coming in nondescript patterns and shortly after I took the top picture I snapped the second and grabbed the paddle to pound thru the second picture. You can just see a bit of yellow and reflection at the bottom left hand corner of the wave picture, not much time to get the kayak fully in the shot. Needless to say I caught the wave that whetted my digital. So nice were the waves coming thru this area they call The Gut, that I was able to get a bit of wave surfing in. For the most part you can see them coming a ways off and be prepared to either pound thru or turn and surf. Quite exhilarating whatever route.

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