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Friday, February 18, 2011

“Speaking Of Under the Sea…"

Prehistoric oceans would have been interesting to paddle in. The animals in prehistory just seem so vicious. I’m not sure how long a kayak or kayaker would have survived on the surface with creatures like this beneath them.

This gigantic prehistoric ’turtle’ took up half the ceiling of this museum room. This was a very big museum room at the Museum of Natural History in Ottawa. I don’t know if it is a relative to an Ocean Sea Turtle and by the size of the monster I would just say it ate all the other turtles…..all the other things in general. The flippers on that were two of me and I’m 6ft 1in. Niccccccee turtle.

I don’t know but anything with a long neck like this underwater prehistoric something or other just scares me. I Don’t know what it is about long necks but they always seem to have sharp teeth at the end of them. Ok, maybe Giraffes aren’t so bad but they don’t swim either. This guy stretched into two rooms including his tail. Yup, he swam!! Some serious paddling going on with this under your hull I bet. No jiggin’ for this laddy O’!

You all know this fellow. BIG AND BAD looking but not a whole lot of teeth. He/she  can be a paddling buddy. This one took up two full rooms and you’ve guessed it, A Blue Whale skeleton. Very big still by prehistoric standards. He could be a Jurassic spin off if you ask me, minus the viciousness!

Now just in case it wouldn’t bother you having those creatures above swimming freely under your hull imagine the beautiful prehistoric gulls on top. This isn’t a gull. It looks like it could run on top of water to me and then once it had its way with your hatch covers and cockpits and the soft bits inside…then fly away licking and cleaning it’s nails, ahh daggers,  ah spikes, ah razors or whatever those taloned winged and legged things are. Another long neck with teeth. Now imagine about a 100 or so of these coming at ya. This definitely brings new meaning to the word ”flock”. Like I’d be flocking off!!! I’m thinkin’ maybe an inboard-outboard in the hull might be more appropriate for back then.

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