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Friday, February 11, 2011

"Orca and The Sky"

Above the Grand Hall at the Museum of Civilization on level 2 is this carving of an Orca directly below a skylight. It is a Haida carving from British Columbia and the skylight above cast a very nice light on the revered mammal below. Though this was a tranquil mood and beautiful art I couldn't help be taken back to this past summer when Orcas visited our area and fed on whales. Some of those sessions were caught on tape by tourists on tour boats looking to observe the mammals in the wild. May have gotten more than they bargained for but it was some unbelievable "wildness" as shards of whale flesh was being strewn about the waters. 

Orcas are an amazing animal on our planet, and their is no doubt, by most on this I am sure. They are mystical and magical to a few cultures around the world and they continue to awe us as they slice through the waters in perfect formation in their pods. Their fine form and sleek anatomy lends itself to the marvels of harmonious biological architecture and body ratios that make it a killing machine. We've seen this time and again even in captivity, maybe, especially in captivity.

I've seen them in pods, up close and from a distance in British Columbia. If last year is any indication, they may be regularly making their way, at least the transients, to this part of the world. Their were I believe at least two separate pods identified here maybe more. Unlike Humpbacks that frequent our waters every year I feel a bit more trepidation if I were to paddle near a pod of Killers. : D

I'd still be in awe and admiration, because I don't think they attack kayakers or kayaks, but a little less reluctant to stick my hand under water for that underwater approach shot.

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