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Sunday, February 20, 2011

“Getting Out"

Can I ever think of lots of ways not to paddle in this kind of weather, I mean slack reasons for not putting in the effort to get out there! I got there early yesterday to St. Philips for a paddle to the falls two hours away.

Apparently or, maybe not, to those unfamiliar with St. Philips, our put-in was awash. It was said that the combination of some fly by comet, a full moon and various other celestial and earthly events may be contributing to the unusually high waters. Also the recent storm surges pushing water into enclosed places like this harbour and bay can’t be dismissed.

Whatever the contributing factors one thing was certain, the water was pushing the bottom of the bay well up to and beyond the seawall built to help contain these sorts of phenomenon. There is usually about 5 feet of retaining wall visible along this beach. Today barely a foot and in some places none because the rocks were washed over it right on to the dock behind.

Not only rocks came a knocking. Check out the various pieces of log scattered around our put-in. I think it snowed too.

Oh well, time to be moving on.There’s a paddle happening!

Just have to get through this pesky little harbour channel……….

…whooaaa! Without going over the top of course. The tide was higher than normal and did I mention a comet, well whatever was going on was surging the water up beyond the ramparts of the dock. Clyde here seems to be enjoying the lift as he is taken for a ride.

Now we are off to Portugal Cove and the falls beyond. Tomorrow the trip.


Silbs said...

Looks like pretty good access to the launch site. I envy you all.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I agree Silbs we are quite fortunate. On this day I am sure we could have launched right off the dock the tide were so high,