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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The Paddler"

I really like this shot. I've become so critical of my pictures I sometimes loose sight at what they can mean not only to me, which is important, but to what I might want others to see or imagine they see. It is good when you feel you are there. Though it is called the paddler, there is no paddle in the picture but because Tony is in his boat you can probably imagine that it is on his deck, or maybe you never even thought about a paddle. Maybe you just saw the fishing boats at their mooring, maybe you just wandered why only part of the bow of another kayak was in the side of the picture. Maybe you thought it was just to offset the fishing boat that only has part of its bow in the picture. Maybe you wondered why the slip was so dry and maybe it was just the fog at the harbour entrance that you caught. Maybe your eyes just took you first to the stern of Tony's boat and you didn't realise why. The eyes are attracted to the brightest spot of a picture first. But I bet you thought about something!


Sean Dawe said...

I was looking at the fact that Tony was launching from the slip and not from in the water. I guess he was confident there were no nails/rocks stuck in the wood to damage his boat - because we all know how careful he is about that glass hull!!

As always, some great shots Stan.


Silbs said...

Interesting indeed. You accomplished the feat of successfully putting the main point of interest in the center. Another neat presentation would be with a bit of the left side cropped out. Good stuff.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

That Tony sure is a good subject! lol

Thanks Sean.

I agree Silbs. Thanks for the insight.


Will said...

Interesting observation Stan - indeed it is easy to loose sight of why we take the pictures, especially when the blog they will be posted upon later, is in the back of one's mind as the image is framed...are we too reliant upon our cameras? Should we try to commit those special moments to memory more carefully? Certainly I would feel naked on the water without a camera, and yet I do now try to pause for a moment after taking a picture, to absorb the scene, before rushing on and photographing the next...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I agree with you Will. Sometimes I do feel I like to paddle to keep my blog "alive". I do love photography and if I was taking pictures on the water I would be somewhere on land. Except with kayaking and photography you have to balance the compromises I guess. I think this year though I want to do more kayaking when I kayak. Easier said than done.LOL


malcolmrowe said...

My eye ses how narrow and sleek is the Nordkapp. It's a rocket!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

It is amighty fine craft for sure Malcolm !