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Friday, April 02, 2010

"Cape Spear-The End"

Well I have to finish the Cape Spear posts this evening. We did a 26km paddle today almost around Bell Island but not quite. So soon there will be actually kayaking pictures. The weather in St. John's today and for this weekend is supposed to be super. Paddling weather by any other name.

At anyrate I'd just like to finish up my Cape Spear exploit by saying it is about a 20 min ride from St. John's if you seek it out by land. If you paddle to it from Quidi Vidi I guess it would be closer to 3-4 hours there and back depending on conditions. It is always gnarly around the Cape, something it shares with most Capes I guess. We like to throw around that it is the most easterly location in North America, not the end of the world, but I suppose at times, the Cantwells' felt they could see it from there. The shores around the Cape are rugged and steep in most parts but it always amazes me that we loose one or two tourists a year as they get too close to waters' edge for photos and get caught by a rogue wave. It seems to me that the "rogues" are more common than "rogue". Tourist beware, signs are now posted, no matter they still get claimed by the sea. The odd jumper as well. There are also boardwalks that take you close enough to feel the salt water spray from waves hitting the rocks of the cliffs as they seek to loose their energy on something, it might as well be you matey!

There is also a trail that is part of the spectacular East Coast trail that meanders around the shores of the Avalon Peninsula and passes by the Old Cape Spear lighthouse, ya might as well drop in, that my friends is another story. The trail is awesome and not for the faint of heart. Very beautiful though. I love this light it reminds me of my home town in Canso Nova Scotia which is the most easterly location "on" the North American Continent. I was destined to live in the "far" east I guess. The header post this evening was one of a few trips made to the Cape by kayak. Tony and I, after all this is a kayaking blog! *lol*

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