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Friday, June 05, 2009

"Looks Familiar..."


Well I never like looking at myself in photos, just others and other things like scenery. Sometimes I can cover myself with gear and it ain't so bad for me to look at. Pam Burry took this shot on a paddle in Tors Cove not too long ago. It was an excellent paddle and I and everyone I believe had a great time. This was a candid shot so she caught me "unawares" which serves me right for catching so many others in similar shots. Thanks Pam and I like this picture.

Now this brings me to the subject of taking pictures on the water. I realize that some do not like to be in photos, especially closeups, (myself), so when taking photos in a group I always try to do with some sense of decorum as I believe most would. The groups we paddle with are pretty good for allowing me to post their images on my blog and certainly my blog would be boring without those I paddle with. I thank them but ya just never know when I might pop a candid shot of you....unawares, heh, heh, heh....;-).
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gnarlydog said...

Interesting view on people's portrait in photos.
Most of my images have people in them. Often a bit more distant and often the person is not recognizeable.
I do understand why some are reserved on having their image taken: often the photographer captures them in an akward moment or not necessarily in the best light.
We are all self conscious and there is no reason to "ridicule" anybody with a bad shot of them.
I usually only post photos of anybody in their best light.
After a while my subjects become accustomed to me taking photos of them and have no problem "posing" for me.
BTW you don't look too bad in that image... :-)