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Saturday, June 06, 2009

"The Bay Of Bulls......."

...and Bergs as it turns out today on a paddle in Bay Bulls NFLD with my friend Tony. We always seem to get into something when paddling here on The Rock. Today I guess was no different.

Tony being Dwarfed again. In NFLD you always seem to be dwarfed when kayaking, either by bergs, cliffs, sea stacks, caves, waves or boats..there is always something wayyy bigger.

Zoning in on the blueness in this berg. It had a stripe that went through it on one section.


Cate and David said...

Having recently spent 2 weeks in Newfoundland I have to thank you for the pictures of the "bergs" in Bay Bulls. When we were there 2 glorious icebergs were in the bay and seeing your pictures has us missing those beautiful chunks of ancient ice.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay.


Linda Iler said...

I'm wishing I were there Natalie... lucky you!