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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Over The Horizon"

 Most times when one is out paddling with others you are reasonably well within close formation or hugging the shoreline or at least within earshot.....most times. So you don't get to see fellow paddlers come at you from over the horizon unless of course you land first and paddlers are dallying behind you for whatever reason. It gives a cool perspective when you scan the horizon and see nothing there and then slowly watch a kayak emerge coming at you head on and then another. Kayaks sometimes seem so out of place on such a huge spance of water and most times they look like they belong more than other craft, to me simply because of their ability to go near shallow shoreline waters and deep ocean waters, not many boats can make that claim nor boaters. Have you ever paddled far enough offshore that land disappears? It is as exhilirating as it can be unnerving. When you are able to view kayaks coming over the horizon you can feel that thrill of adventure that courses through you because you know they just came from out of no-where really but somewhere really indeed to them! Holding back the ocean in their wake and looking like torpedos with heads and wings.

Malcolm and Tony were gliding over the wall off the Horizon on one such outing in South Brigus this Fall.
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Tony said...

I get a kick out of now-you-see-him and now-you-don't in big waves. I've got some photos where you look like you're not even in a boat!

Tony :-)