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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"One Day At A Time...."

New Years Eve Day, Wow! Where did it all go? Everywhere I suspect. I don't make New Years resolutions however I do have New Years hopes. I wish that the warmth of these sun's rays could permeate the hearts of the world and stop fighting and killing. I simply can't imagine a day with war in my yard and others can't imagine what it would be like to have a yard without war and terror. I'm beginning to hate land not the beauty it can provide but the "possession" aspect of it all....... the borders. I believe the earth belongs to all of us. I own Africa as much as Africa owns me. We are putting more "dumb" in free-dum, and very much less "free". Where are the lands of "freedoms?" I saw a poster a while back, it was an RCMP officer holding a dead child at a car wreck with beer bottles around the accident scene, the caption, "Who is the Pig now?" What really does it take for people to "get-it"? I know, spoken like someone who has never had a battle in his back yard, but my back yard is yours and even more so as more and more dead Canadians fly home to their families to be entombed in the very soil they fought for from a piece of land as foreign to them as "my Africa" would be to me, and as my son heads for boot camp on January 17th, 2009 in the ROTP of the Canadian Forces, my heart is full of pride and despair, what conflicting emotions! I believe in a new word, "sacrificedom", with sacrificedom there is no hint of reward for having achieved something, like getting your freedom because......every man and woman should be free regardless of the land. Sacrificedom, you may never be free but everything you do every part of everyday is worth something to everyone and it is now... not something you may get in the future like freedom, sacrificedom may set you free but it will reward you in the now, because you know how valuable you are all the time everyday cause sometimes just breathing air when others may be unable a sacrifice.

Which brings me to water. No visible borders or walls, sure they exist in someones mind. Not mine. Kayaking is as close to freedom as I feel I will ever get..... my sacrificedom. To some, how insignificant, self indulgent and non-relevant to the grand scheme of things it must be, whatever the grand scheme of things is......

I know I'm going into the New Year confused but I look forward to finding my way as the year progresses probably depending on many "compasses" to guide me through. One day at a time, one day at a time..........

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