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Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Distant Kelly's Island"

 It would have been a hard slog in 70km winds today to try and make Kelly's Island. The short session today was merely to say "we could" on this day in December and being outside exercising the lats works for me. I did manage to catch some sweet waves today and some surfs felt like minutes in duration and others just being wasted by the wave's crest sucking you in. Still there were wave walls where the full brunt of the wave hits you square and on one such occaisson tody the force was so great and unexpected that it almost knocked me to the back deck, quickly adjust and snake through the next onslaught.
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Tony said...

Stan's blog readers can catch a couple of pictures of Stan's surf rides on my blog (under Tony's Blog). Funny, we have complimentary blogs *lol* as we seem to be the only paddlers out these days.

Tony :-)

Alison Dyer said...

As I said earlier Stan, you are nuts to have been out today. I could see the waves white in the harbour from my window and the house was shaking from the winds. 70 clicks and then some. Good on you. A