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Saturday, November 15, 2008


 Well was paddling today in 15-25 knot winds not so bad really in the Nordkapp but have you ever tried it with a third hatch full of water? I did. Not purposely I might add. After lunch on the beach we shoved off again for a warmer up paddle out around the headland of Brigus again. I really didn't notice any thing unusual until Tony and Malcolm rafted up next to me on the way in the harbour and alerted me to an open third hatch. Nothing had been in the hatch as it was removed during lunch...but not sealed obviously. The boat however was not unstable as you might expect and as Malcolm suggested is probably because it was full. I don't really recommend this and we did paddle to inside the harbour to rectify the situation, but now I know I can. LOL. Luckily also the hatch cover was tethered. I was paddling in pretty rough waters for about 15-20 minutes while this was open. Another kayaking tale for sure.
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