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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"I saw these two Clowns today...."

 and they were looking for the "eye clinic", seeing how the Nuc Med dept. is just next door to it I showed them the way. They were grateful and said they'd be keeping an "eye out" for me in the future. lol. I was having such a hectic day today and they just happened by. I had to chuckle at them but in retrospect the joke was on me. I thought they really were going to the eye clinic as part of a birthday joke or something as I type this I am realizing I've been duped. They must have seen I needed a laugh. Just thought I'd share the humor....especially at my expense. Dah!!!!
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Tony said...

Jeez Stan you must carry your camera everywhere you go. I'm sure they spread lots of laughs at the hospital and brightenned more than your day.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Pretty much every where Tony. Ya just never know where that next shot is. Yeah the clowns were hilarious and I am sure they were visiting the Janeway too. The kids must have ben delighted. Leave it to a clown to bring out the kid in anyone!


Michael said...

I've wondered what paddlers do when they're off the water... they clown around! Perfect!! LOL