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Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Haunted Hike"

There is an organised walk two evenings a week in St John's that runs to Sept. whereby two individuals from the community take you on an hour and a half hike around the innards of the city and embellish you with tales from St. John's crypt. A montage of ghost stories collected trough folklore over the years. The ambiance is further enhanced by the costumes of the narrators and the climate of St. John's which on most evenings is dense with an eerie mist, fog and light drizzle that ensures chills down the spine at least once during the hike. For a mere pittance of $5 you can't go wrong if nothing else you get exercise from the climbing of the many hills that encapsulate the downtown core. There is another walk dedicated to the tales of the criminal element and history of St. John's that I have found the better of the two. From deathly duals between gambling sea captains to drunken stupors by no less than Napoleon Bonaparte himself, who once visited the island and hated it. Apparently the ale didn't agree with him either, there seems to have been a dastardly rough and colorful history not far from the docks of the harbour.
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jch2o said...

hey !! yes I did enjoy this blog and have not finished
sent your llink to several at so they could view it peace be with you and all in your life..
all I do is white water
jch2oblogspot is mine
cheers jeff

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Jeff I just checked out your Blog and it is wicked. Really liked the tunes as well, especially the one in the Mexican Creek video, "I shall be free" perhaps?? Wicked...wicked....