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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Droplets of Falls"

Cape Broyle isn't all about's about waterfalls too. Lots of both to intrigue you on a most awesome paddle. It was so exhilirating to round the next bend to see what was instore for me there.
I was so hot by the time I reached this point that I kayaked under the falls to cool off. Stan Cooks' kayaking outfit was just passing by and one of the guides took a shot of me under these falls but unfortunately it didn't come out, Thanks for taking the time for the shot though Peter.


Michael said...

I paddled the south shore from Sam Cook's putin right out to the cape last summer and for the life of me never saw a cave! I must have been paddling blind or the caves were closed for the day... Or is that the reason everyne keeps coming back to Newfoundland? ;-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Did you say, "open sesame?"

Some of them Michael would only be accessible on a very flat day. Not sure if that was your situation or not. Come back again though and we'll find them.