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Monday, March 26, 2012

“It Begins Again"

It’s been a few years since the icebergs have hit St. John’s. One stealthily slunk in one night under the veil of darkness and revealed it’s weathered form as a flat unoffending monolith of frozen water and air from millennia ago. I took this from Signal Hill early Sunday morning when its’ presence was still unknown to most.

Flat as a pancake I figure we’ll get a chance to survey it more closely this weekend coming as it settles off Freshwater Bay.

Parked off Signal Hill this small berg floats quietly by and even the distant headland of Cape Spear can’t hog the attention from its' presence.

From a distance like the preceding two pictures the berg looked less menacing but a close up reveals that it still has quite a staggering mass. There were four eagles taking in the ride the morning I was out catching my glimpse of the new arrival and I was able to catch this eagle flying by the blue lagoon on the iceberg itself.

I’m hoping there will be more for us to explore in our kayaks as they always generate lots of excitement in the city and neighbouring  communities when a few start trickling in. Tourists as well as locals love the allure they create like staring at a camp fire and being mesmerized, something kind of primeval you just can’t shake.

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Tony said...

We'll have to get out there as soon as we can. Its drifted down further into Freshwater Bay now I believe so it should be around for a while.

Water looks a lot calmer than it was at St. Philips on Sunday.

Tony :-)