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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

“I Heard There Was A Secret Chord…."

This is the opening to Leonard Cohen’s song “Hal lehuja” and man that’s what I was humming as I was paddling along. Not so much as any religious inspiration or anything like that but kind of an epiphany that this little paddle destination like so many around the world felt like my own little secret today. Only two of us on that open atlantic waterway in Cape Broyle enjoying the crispness and bite of the air and cold slicing spray of the salty brine. This paddle was my secret chord in the harmony of life on this day.

Nothing too much is free in life anymore and I guess it is debatable about seakayaking and all the gear, the travel to and from take outs and put ins and the like. But I’ll tell you nothing feels as good and free as that extra ummphhh you get when you ride those small waves from the rebound and freed suction of the tide once it is released from the grip of a clump of rocks or ledge of a cliff and you are pushed along cutting through the various sized ripples of rebound as you are further propelled along your route. Sticking close to lands edge has that benefit sometimes. Letting the water do the work to gain whatever efficiency is to be had.

Gerard warming up to one of his own here.

Quiet reflection and trying to avoid that snappin' ass picture taker! lol

Love the rocker on the Nordkapp and really liked the black sand on this beach and the textures and lines the waves and wash made in the sand. Was feeling patriotic and thankful for how lucky I am to the have freedoms that others can only “Dream Of” but that is what my blog is about, dreamin' I guess.

A beautiful spot.

Go ahead Gerard, you can touch it! LOL I know he is dreamin’ too, because he told me on the paddle out that he just placed an order for his LV Nordkapp with a red bottom and black deck. Taking that awesome trip to the Valley are ye?

Just a little reminder of the temperature and the weather around us but no less than about −4 or −6 Celsius.

Next stop the Cathedral to really get a days blessin’.

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Bryan said...

I love winter paddling. The frozen waterfall in picture three looks like a killer ice climb.