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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

“Happy Valentines Day-Up In Smoke"

HAd a boring evening one Saturday and I try not to watch too much TV. The brain drain of human kind. I decided to take some shots of incense and its smoke. Once you clean up the images a bit you can see just about anything you can imagine in the twists and twirls of moving air currents (which I accomplished by moving doors and fanning paper) and freezing with flash photography.

For the ladies who occasionally visit my blog a heart that I coloured slightly pink for effect and rotated 90 degrees.

 A rose of sorts but every lady likes roses on Valentines.

Well while I was in the posting mood thought I’d throw in a few of my favs that were kind of ‘ocean related’.
“The Squid"

The vacant "Hermit’s Shell”.

Something totally off the wall I just call “Genesis”. Hope you enjoy.

1 comment:

gnarlydog said...

Now, that's different.
Not your usual sea kayaking but still stunning. Brilliantly executed.