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Thursday, February 16, 2012

“Getting To Lunch -Cape Broyle"

Map of Cape Broyle below.

So of course paddling along the south shore for a bit we stated to get hungry or at least I did. So many distractions though to suppress that growling gut.

Lots of Coves along this short stretch about 10-12 km long depending on how many coves you explore. Costelio Cove Is the first you pass and I also believe there is a rock there of the same name and may be the one below Gerard is paddling near.

Right beside Gallows Cove is Gentleman’s Cove. I guess they thought years ago if you are going to hang someone you can at least be a gentleman about it.

Once past Freshwater Cove you encounter the longest stretch of beach at Lance Cove where some of the more dramatic  frozen waterfalls were clinging to the face of the cliff. Church Cove was lunch stop just before the final tour at The Cathedral sea cave just before Cape Broyle Head on the South side. I love eating outside and when the weather is as nice as it was last Saturday it is as enjoyable as if it were a warm summer day. Gerard had tea and I brought some hot chocolate just to keep the chill at bay.

The Cathedral is huge. Hard to believe you can miss it when paddling though as rock strata can become very familiar or not as you look for an opening that could be shaded as if it were just another small inlet from a small ways off. The header above on my blog shows a frost line on the right wall of the cave as you enter and the icicles hanging from the ceiling so you can feel the temperature shift as you enter much like you would in the warmer months just cooler.

It goes back a fair ways and you could easily fit a huge number of boaters in here at one time therefore a great place to take a touring group.

There were many boats that sailed the water we were playing around in and I guess they took on many shapes and over the years evolved from paddling, to wind, to steam, to diesel and back to paddling again. I love it. Nothing like a 22km paddle to have an excuse for another feed. So we stopped at the delightful restaurant just up the road when we landed.

They had also a model of the RMS Titanic that was intriguing and spooky. Her resting spot and grave not far from the shores we paddled. Well that is a bit of an exaggeration but she rests in the cold Atlantic.

Much to my delight was a small replica of my favourite schooner The Bluenose of Nova Scotia what a fine looking and sailing craft. I was on the Bluenose 11 a few times and sailed on a tour out of Halifax harbour once and what a treat indeed. Bluenose was famous for her speed and dominated the New England coast with her racing times that no one could beat. Actually if you cut the bottom off below the white line of the hull, you are kind of left with the shape of a kayak.

A wonderful place for very generous portions and the best chicken wings with their own secret sauce you will ever have. 


Esteban Lorenzo said...

Hi, from Galicia Spain, SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH, is impresionant your photos, and your type of fishing is extreme, is very impresionant, bye

Tyler said...

Love the photos as well. I have always wanted to kayak around Newfoundland and seeing your pictures is very inspiring.