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Sunday, February 12, 2012

“Cape Broyle Newfoundland"

AT last about to get on the water. No more Lally-gaggin’ and “Dreamin”. Gerrad and I decided on Friday evening to get in our boats on Saturday because of favourable weather conditions forecast before a water storm of rain on Sunday….now.

As you can see we are more than delighted to be where we are and that is at the slipway in Cape Broyle. Cape Broyle is about 45 mins to and hour from St. John’s on the south shore of the Avalon Peninsula. A nice ride and a beautiful vista to paddle because of its sea caves and stacks as well as the accessible beaches and cliff faces that provides very scenic paddle ways.

This church in the community like many coastal villages provides a nice beacon when heading in from the waters. Something like the steeple that  is recognizable a ways off to let you know you are closer to home. I cut the crosses off on this shot.

 Gerrard is aboard and ready for our 5 hour journey out to Cape Broyle Head and points in between.

Under way and loving the shore smells the wind in our face and the water splashes hitting our drysuits, our faces and the deck of our boats ………we are paddling! Our destination lies at the distant headland on the right of this shot.

What a start , what a day, what excellent company and how I am beginning to feel fulfilled yet once again from paddling. Gullfeather is finally getting her bottom wet for the first time in 2012 and she won’t be disappointed. About a 22km paddle today which is probably not a bad way to start my paddling season.

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Tony said...

Looks like you guys had the snow and ice in Cape Broyle too Stan. One thing for sure, no need to worry about sweating this tine of year. And, no flies *lol*

Tony :-)