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Monday, November 07, 2011

“St. Philips and I Actually Paddled This Time"

St. Philips again this Sunday under similar circumstances and sea conditions as last week. I was back in the boat after battling a cold for an eternity and 9 of us gathered for some wind wave paddling in the remnants of an autumn sun.

Sean playing around before heading out into the Conception Bay.

Part of the thrill is catching the odd wave to surf in the conditions. The waves are quite irregular in that once you catch one you get hit by another from a different angle which wrecks the wave you were on. Sometimes though, like Tony here, you can catch a good ride and savour the momentum and be propelled along like a rocket.

The boys dipping in and out of troughs.

I liked this shot because Sean looks like he got that evil grin going as if to ram Tony when in reality they are quite a ways apart. I was on shore when I took this using a 200 mm with a 2X teleconverter focused on Sean which leaves Tony in the foreground out of focus in the shot, but most definitely focused on his advance.

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Sean Dawe said...

Funny thing about that last picture is that I've actually done just that - run my boat over someobdy elses. Last year Dennis and I were in St. Philip's and I said I was going to run over his back deck. I got up a good head of steam and slid up, onto and off his deck. Yes, we were both in our plastic boats! Tony would probably not be very appreciative if I did that to his glass boat!