Current Time On The Rock

Saturday, May 07, 2011

“Like A Rock"

It sure is.

Sometimes they look like whales, sometimes they look menacing, and other times they are just stinky and slimy. We have lots of it here in Newfoundland and it is talked about often, ‘The Rock, for example which generally refers to the island itself is a disconnect from old continents like Africa. We have some of the oldest rock on earth in Newfoundland. Heaved up like an earthly gag reflex producing forth molten sputum right from the stomach of the planet’s core. You’d think after all these millions of years of exposure in some of the more hostile waters in the area there would be more sand on the Avalon….nope! We’re making it now. Come back in another couple million or so but enjoy the pleasures that rocks and their peculiar shapes and sizes has to offer and you will be treated to some other than benign wonders during your time on our waterways.

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