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Friday, May 27, 2011

“The Greenland Roll"

Maligiaq explained to us the four essential components to the roll he has perfected. Relaxing the head and neck, squaring the shoulders once surfacing on the water, utilizing the hip flick and bringing your back on the rear deck. Easy! Right? Actually most of todays class was prepared.

In Tuilik.

We had eager students of the master and thought Neil should go first to demonstrate since he had practise last year in the Greenland Symposium in Ontario.

Having mastered the rolls with the rescue float it was time for the paddle. Nice Superior paddle there Neil! 

So just a quick go through…...

A bit tired from lunch so maybe just a relaxing balance brace.

Reading for surfacing.

Always time for photo ops with new friends. Dean and Maligiaq.

The water was chilly and it felt good to take the occasional break from rolling and to watch the others perfecting their skill.

Shanon and Chris getting some close up instruction on the water. Maligiaq was very patient.

Even the master must rest. The bow of your boat looks fine!




Lots of time in the water

Roll, roll, roll…….

Maligiaq was very impressed with the construction of Chris Vincent’s boat. It is a fine craft.

Some just couldn’t get out of the water.

Where’d this guy come from? Oh yeah there were other events on the lake like canoe polling. It looked fun but I didn’t get a chance this weekend. I was all about kayaking. The symposium united with the canoe groups and shared the weekend instruction.

This sure was a good idea. I visited here a few times during the afternoon sessions. I was dizzy a few times on the water and at one point fell flat on my back getting out of my kayak. I had been chilled from the morning sessions and further so at lunch break and when back on the water doing many rolls I guess my body said enough. Time to warm but not before I was able to get my Norsaq roll. Sweet indeed.

We had the perfect group for this event. We all shared a few good laughs, got to watch each other achieve a certain roll, or part of one they were trying to perfect, and got to share in the culture and heritage of Greenland paddling and rolling with one whom has paddled with and learned from the true originators of this craft and sport. I was proud myself to be part of an old tradition delivered to our doorstep by the progeny of it’s forbearers. How sweet it is!

The neat thing about this shot if you already haven’t noticed is that Mailiaq is the only one holding a Euro blade. We felt quite privileged to have been taught by him and really valued the input on all his suggestions throughout the day. His kind demeanour and tremendous since of humour made this one of my most valued paddling sessions in quite some time. Thank you Maligiaq and the rest of the crew, I hope to paddle with you all again soon.

On another note I think you will be seeing more SOF’s popping up around the coasts of Newfoundland. I heard a few guys mention that they will begin construction soon. Maligiaq said he has built over 300 throughout his years in Greenland.


Sean Dawe said...

Thank, again, Stan for recording this session in word and image.

A SOF will be born in my attic this winter. The problem is that there are so many "designs" to chose from. Time to start the research, I guess!!

gnarlydog said...

Refreshing to see so many people interested in traditional paddling, and happy to roll in frigid waters :-)