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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"Enhancing The Paddle"

You just know that if there is a dark hole in the side of a rock cliff, someone of the group, is going there. To me paddles should be like that. Not even should,  that is just the way it is when I get in the boat. As neat as it is prying through that dark opening yourself and not knowing for sure what may lay hidden in its recesses is watching someone else ease their way through being guided by their sense of curiosity, adventure and loathing for discovery.

Sean getting ready to enter the blackness. 

The other fun part of a unique discovery is sharing it with other members of the group. Did someone say it was raining?

Waterfalls!! Waterfalls are one of those naturally enticing phenomena  that will usually attract everyone. I love them. We all love them. It must be the roar of their cascading tortuous paths down the face of an edifice or perhaps the contrast of their whiteness against a darker background or maybe even their smell and wetness. Could be that feeling of cleansing you get when you glide under them, even if it is minus 2, and allow their force to overtake your senses and wash away the salty brash of your paddle strokes. Whatever it is to each of us, they seem to soothe in some fine way and break the monotony of a long distance paddle.

Where fresh water enters the ocean you feel yes there is water simply everywhere, beneath you, beside you and falling from the ski above.

A kayak wash. Gotta like it.

You get the odd sun break and enjoy the tranquility and colors that surround you as they burst through the leaden fog and release the stimuli make paddling close to shores edge so lulling and enjoyable at times.

When you release into the more open waters and enjoy your skills around shoaling or rock outcrops you begin to entertain your senses on your own level and enjoy the watery field as your craft is wielded to the tune of tides, waves, wind and current that come together and coalesce the enhancement of every stroke on your paddle today. Clyde enjoying the waters at Cape St. Francis.

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outstanding images, as usual