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Thursday, May 26, 2011

“Atlantic Kayak Symposium 2011"

Last weekend we had a kayak symposium here in Glovertown Newfoundland. About 160 participants including instructors. Not a bad turnout at all. One of the biggest held by Paddle Canada. 

We kind of took over the town in a manner similar to a tidal wave I would suspect but with much less destruction. We occupied most cabins in the area. Being located in the Terra Nova National Park made for some excellent outdoor environments.

As people began to arrive it became apparent that there was going to be lots of boats. Lots of different manufacturers hence some familiar and not so familiar designs like the Vaag, not pictured here!

Well i brought my trusty Nordkapp and was just itchin’ to get on the water for some instruction.

Having arrived on Friday evening I would have to wait to attend my kayaking sessions with Maligiaq Padilla the following day. We were all so looking forward to meeting him and of course learning whatever there would be to take away.
Just a few boats in the parking lot and we would soon learn that this was only a fraction of the many that arrived on Friday night. Over the next few days I hope to post some of the photos I was able to take when I was paddling and supposedly listening to instruction.

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