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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Side By Each"

When I was a waiter in the days of old I had an old timer come in one morning in the restaurant I was working in and order breakfast. He said,” I’ll have a pair of eggs side by each, and a pair of bacon parallel to each other.” He kind of caught me off guard so I asked if he was having four pi geometry coffee. In Nuclear Medicine we use a Dose Calibrator to assay our radiation before we inject it. It’s measuring chamber almost approaches 4 pi which makes it fairly accurate. (kinda mug shaped). However when I was laying out his utensils I definitely made sure they were nice and straight and lined up with the straight edges of the table sides.

This photo just reminded me of that, the parallel to each other part anyway. Probably just a long winded way of saying not much of anything to post a pic. 

Clyde is washing the back of his deck here I believe. The good thing about the low profile of a Nordkapp is that the waves will wash right over rather than wash you over and as Clyde is demonstrating it is essential to brace into the wave rather than the sometimes instinctive opposite no matter how small or big the wave, to prevent capsize.

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