Current Time On The Rock

Friday, March 18, 2011


Ya know what? Sometimes you just break out in a sweat watching these crazy adrenalin junkies on TV or in magazines. Sometimes you just break out in a sweat putting your snowshoes on. Other times you’re sweating because your anxiety is so beyond control your body has a hard time dealing with its situation and its reality whatever that may be at the time.

More often than not I hope you break into a sweat because you truly earned it. That is, you exerted your body’s potential to a max or near max or maybe just to your rev zone.  The area where your muscles and your breathing are peaking in unison and lactic acid buildup is beginning to cramp and taunt your muscles for just a mere break, just a pittance of time to cycle some glucose and feed those  pains. Then slide down off that wave and wait for the next one and grip the surface breaking the tension between blade and ocean getting purchase and accelerating through the stroke as you ride the trough to the crest and descend the face bringing salt and spray and brow sweat flying with every feeling of excitement and exhilaration as you release into the calm of the outer  flow of the wave cycle and brace for the next ride. Hell you earned it! You Sweat!

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doreen murgatroyd said...

I've always wondered how - as the sport increases - people manage to keep up hour after hour in a cramped position.

Now I know, - with fortitude!