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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Vertical Sculling Roll and Back Deck Roll"

You just have to like the tunes to this one...or not. The music is from the Glover Point Drifters a Blue Grass Band out of Victoria British Columbia. I saw them at a folk festival one year when I lived in BC and they were an excellent group. Got to listen to them Jam afterwards at their trailer. They were forced from the stage as a intense thunder and lightening storm was rolling in during their outdoor performance in Dawson Creek BC. It was kind of funny because they kept playing right off the stage as the lightening was firing in the background and continued to play in a huddle down in front of the stage as the thunder pounded.

This was after a couple of attempts at the vertical roll. We and a couple others had a bit of fun playing with this roll. The flotation property of the Superior Paddle is amazing. The back deck roll I got in the pool last year. 

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Tony said...

Good stuff Stan!

Tony :-)