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Friday, January 21, 2011

"Newfoundland Winter"

I've been kind of preoccupied lately with other things so I have missed pool sessions and the odd paddle the guys have been getting out to. I'm definitely at the pool tomorrow night so looking forward to working out some kinks there and maybe trying a new greenland roll. I need nose plugs though. I find that when I am working on a new roll, eye goggles and nose plugs help tremendously when under water. I know most know this but I find the reasoning behind it is that I feel not rushed to get up because the chlorine is not ripping whatever protective coating I have on my eyes -  off.

The above photo was taken on a jaunt a year ago I believe. You can see the snow and I posted previously that we were without the white stuff well now we have it back and winter like everyone else but maybe not as bad as some.

I am also having problems with my header images as I switched from PC to MAC and haven't sorted out the issues of selecting and posting images as I am finding quite a few probs. If anyone out there in cyber land might have some advice I'd appreciate it. Like why won't my header image "size to fit" like before when adding photo????? Would appreciate any comments on that!


Sean Dawe said...

What roll are you working on? We'll be at the pool on Sat as well. See you there!


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Haven't really decided Sean but I was edging toward a hand roll. Excuse the pun. lol