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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Atlantic Paddle Symposium"

A much looked forward to event by myself for a few reasons. Ihaven't paddled with  many of the club members in awhile. I look forward to paying my dues there...hopefully! Looking forward mostly to the Greenland attention and course offerings of Maligiaq Johnsen Padilla, Greenland born and the only person to win 4 Greenland National Kayaking Championships. My personal interst but there is much more for not only sea kayakers but whitewater as well.

The above link will give you all the information on who is coming, how to get here, where to stay and registration information. It is in a very beautiful part of Newfoundland in Glovertown and area. Definitely a place on the ocean where a river runs through it. What more could you ask for for white water and ocean paddling to accomodate all levels.

Although this is more course oriented you can be rest assured that there will be break off paddles in both the white water and sea kayaking crowds. I really like the logo as it incorporates both canoing and kayaking . I forgot to mention negligently that canoing is also included so I think there will be something for everyone. I am sure there will even be a bon-fire or two.

I've never been to a paddling symposium in the east. So it should be a real treat. Gonna have to shine up some of those old dings in Gullfeather and get her spiffy for the trip.

If some fellow bloggers were intersted in showing up before hand for some pre symposium paddling in my "backyard" (area around St. John's) so to speak, I wouldn't be adverse to billeting a few stragglers for a few days. If you have never been to Newfoundland you won't be disappointed when you come.
There are some excellent paddlers in this province and some excellent paddlers from out of province making their way here, maybe this is your year to be here. OOOps , I forgot to mention, the icebergs are around at that time too, but you probably wouldn't be interested in those!!

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