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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice"

The eclipse in 2010 is the first total Lunar eclipse in three years, since Feb. 2008.
It is the second Lunar Eclipse in 2010 as we had a partial one om June 26th.
 The eclipse was the first Lunar Eclipse to occur on the same day of The Northern Winter Solstice since 1638, and only the 2nd in the Common Era. You think I would have caught it?

"I see the Bad Moon on the left...."

Vive La lune....

The Silver Dollar in the sky....

Oceanography Centre

Well I did stay up until two thirty in the morning but the cloud cover was heavy from my vantage point. However, I took yesterday afternoon off, basically because it was sunny and I wanted to take some pictures, and headed down to Logy Bay near the Oceanography Centre and snapped a few shots. I did manage to get the moon rising over the horizn at days end. This would be the same moon rising to eclipse on our Winter Solstice. So though I failed to get it in eclipse mode I did get it in moon-rise mode on Dec 20th, 2010.


Tony said...

Stan, I sized up the weather and cloud cover and decided to go to bed. I did catch the last lunar eclipse a couple of years ago and it is quite a sight. Too bad the cloudy weather didn't cooperate on this special eclipse.

Tony :-)

Northern Kayaker said...

Here the eclipse was at a very reasonable 7 to 8am! Minimal cloud cover too!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Tony I saw the last one as well. Too bad about the cloud is right.

Northern Kayaker ....glad you were able to view under suitable conditions.

Lets hope the earth is still around for the next one!