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Sunday, October 03, 2010

"Saturday Morning"

A Saturday morning walk downtown always an adventure.

The HMCS St. John's is at dock on the harbour front. Some of a crew did a run for the Children's Wish Foundation. I stumbled on the tail end as  the guys were just heading to the finish line which was made up of their sailing friends.

Waiting on the returning runners.

I continue my fascination with boats of all kinds. The HMCS St. John's reminded me of a shark.

A walk by the Yellow Belly Brewery was enticing for a brief suds but I settled for the shot instead. Too early really.

This shop always intrigues me with their display as they are always colorful and unique. It is a soap shop and everything in here is soapy. Even Madonna has been know to order soaps from here.

A street performer with an early start to his day enjoying the Saturday morning sunshine as I was.


Silbs said...

You have really mastered your style. The image of the street performer is absolutely smashing.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Silbs. I asked if I could take his picture and he was more than obliging so I was going to leave a few bucks when I realised I had lost my wallet. So he sees me going down the sidewalk poking through all my pockets probably thinking to himself, "nice act buddy", I was comforted knowing that my Dad hit him up twice during his visit. : ) Found my wallet underneath my vehicle when I returned right away to it. Talk about Karma!