Current Time On The Rock

Monday, October 04, 2010

"Keeping Things In Sight"

When paddling it is not a bad idea at all to know where you just came from, where you've been paddling and where you are going to. All in compass info of course.

Outside Aquafort HArbour a week ago. Was thinking on changing conditions and how they can affect the mood of a paddle. When we set out it was flat calm, outside we got some lop with drizzle and dark skies and paddled back under blue skies, sunshine and calm waters again. Kind of makes the paddle a bit more interesting just from the weather side of things.

These are the skies changing from the lingering dark clouds to the bare and pleasant blues as the white tails off. Gary here enjoying a bit of that moment during transition.


The Baffin Paddler said...

Whoa! The last pic. Beautiful and amazing sky shot!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks so much. It was an amazing day.