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Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Just Do It"

Finally on the water and finally a kayaking blog entry.

It was a blustery day in St. Philips. A late put-in at about 1:30pm and gusting 50km winds made for some mini wave action and a bit of surfing. Brian and I caught this odor with an accompanying huge brown spot on the water and decided to investigate. ???????

A bunch of bows and I have to say that my camera is on its way out as the quality of pictures seems to diminish eveytime I use it. Too many dunks in the sea water  guess.

Brin and I took a bit of respite from some wind. We were paddling hard most of the time against the wind hoping to catch "the wave" for a decent surf back. You can do this in St. Pilips when the wind is SW. You paddle like the dickens out round a small headland then surf back. Why not? It's Saturday!

After so many times out and back everyone needed a bit of a break.

Some of the gang paddling into the waves and a brisk SW head wind. Great to be back on the water with a good bunch of people. Thanks Tony, Dean, Gary, Clyde, Brian,Tobias and Sean for another good one at St. Philly.


Tony said...

Near the end the winds really picked up to 25 knots and were gusting almost 40 as per Royal Nfld Yacht Club site and the Weather Network. A very enjoyable afternoon of play and coffee after.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Right on Tony.

miadventure said...

I see that you have some great shots from the bow of your boat. I am doing a river solo in a week and would like to document it with video and pics. Is there any good way to mount my tripod to the boat other than permanent screws or duct tape?

Your blog is very fun to read by the way! Looks like your group had a blast!


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Sorry for so long getting back to you. I use suction cups that screw into a base, it is actually a setup supplied by "sticky pod" brand. But a fellow kayaker buys the suctions cups and adapts them to his own purposes.