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Saturday, September 04, 2010

"The Edge Of The World........Cape Spear Light Paddle"

Well it is no secret now that Cape Spear is the most easterly location in North America. This is neat for two reasons for me. One, I can and have seen the sun rise first before anyone else in North America and Two, it is a romantic coastal spot. Great for viewing storms, really great for hanging out in fog (real thick fog taking pics), spectacular view atop high cliffs, nice hiking trails and well you can paddle it.
Today was one of those paddle days around the Cape, around the edge of North America.

Same thing only different. Clyde and Gary are putting in on the opposite side of the wharf here.

Chris and I got here early and decided to put in on this ground ramp with a nice view of Quidi Vidi harbour and its' Brewery.

Joined later by Hazen we are off down Quidi Vidi Harbour.

At the exit of the harbour is its narrowing called The Gut where cement wall and rock on one side and solid rock on the other provide an exit from the harbour and the entrance to St. John's Bay. Hang a sharp right and we are on our way to Cape Spear.

This is a cool paddle because you pas by some significant St. John's landmarks like the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill shown here where the first transatlantic cable message was once sent. Hazen floats calmly by the rocky cliffs.

another landmark is the Fort Amherst Light where old cannon emplacements are bunkered into the cliffs with wearing aged cement and iron stains from the old guns themselves. Now a watchful beacon guarding the entrance to St. John's Harbour and the Narrows' eentrance.

Gary and Clyde pass by the Narrows Entrance to the harbour which for years plied it's trade in salt cod and other sundries from far away and close lands. A busy sea port that now also has a container shipping pier and receives goods from all over the world.

Gary, Clyde, Chris and Hazen the other members of the trip passing by the cliffs of Fort Amherst.

When ever we head to the Cape we always pay a visit to Freshwater Bay which Clyde is heading for now.

In Freshwater Bay you can look back and see the distant Cabot Tower on Signal Hill.

When you leave freshwater Bay and continue east you round Spriggs Point which is an interesting outcropping of rock with various rock entities scattered in front of and behind it that can provide some interesting rock hopping if you are so inclined. Today we were not except for Clyde. He goes everywhere.

Chris is gun bound for the Cape. Chris is from central Newfoundland and has never paddled out to the Cape so today was a day of firsts for him. I believe he thoroughly enjoyed himself and he was a great addition to our little adventure today. Chris made his boat and his Greenland paddles and what fine workmanship they all are. Some people are just gifted like that.

Well if you are going to paddle round the Cape you got to stop and be awe inspired and then later enjoy the swell, the sun and just the moment.

Clyde finishing up with his exploits plots a course for the other direction back to Blackhead Cove. Cape Spear Light gleams solidly above him

Nearing Blackhead and enjoying the swell and clapotis of the cliffs.

Once at Blackhead we have our traditional paddle lunch and share stories of the recent excursion and enjoy the tales and laugh or two or three or...., of the group.

Even from Blackhead Cove you can see back to St. John's Narrows and Signal Hill.

Chris races under Signal Hill yet once again for the entrance to The Gut in the distance. Now we were encountering a bit more chop from the predicted increase in southwesterly winds and enjoyed the push back to our takeout.

 Ready to enter The Gut a Quid Vidi it is clear to me that Gary, from Manchester England, has enjoyed the jaunt as well.

So finally having reached our end point we do a few rolls to cool off and listen to the harking of the gulls as we watch them take flight on the sunny Saturday afternoon in Newfoundland.


Tony said...

Missed a good one there Stan. I thought all day about how good a day you guys were having but I feel better today for taking rest.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Glad ya got rested Tony.