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Monday, August 02, 2010

"Saturday At Bay Bulls"

It was a foggy day indeed but we were spirited and really that's all that matters. The plan was to head up the north side and poke around the headland but we decided to cross over to the south shore and paddle to Witless Bay

Paul patiently waiting for all to board.

Mike making way out the bay.

Eventually we all gather and swarm out along the North Shore.

There were a few moments where it looked like the fog would lift. It did not.

Once over to the South shore we encountered some rock formations on the way to Witless Bay. Clyde observing something on shore.

In Witless Bay we had a lunch break and wondered about some of the flotsam. I found a pair of perfect crutches taped together washed up on the shoreline. I guess they were no longer needed. The blue bag on the back deck got a few chuckles. Gene thought it looked like a Caribou quarter. lol It is actually a paddle bag by Nigel Dennis. I use it for storing my Storm Cag on this trip.

Eugene resting in a cove after a bit of a slug we had coming round the south headland on our return from Witless Bay. I figured it would get rough when I was looking at the underside of The Gatherall's Tour boat coming out of Bay Bull's

Tony and Gene.

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