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Friday, August 27, 2010

"Gerrard and Mermaids"

Well it was good to see Gerrard the other day. Gerrard is doing tours for Outfitters down in Bay Bulls. My son and my Dad were coming back from a picnic down in Ferryland. I saw Gerrard on the water and popped by to say hello. It got me longing to be back in my boat. Soon I say, soon.

You can't pass by Bay Bulls and not check out the mermaid there. She poses nicely as the kayakers are caught in the backdrop. Now Gerrard if ya spot any of those on the water I'm hoping you'll be calling me. lol One way to get on the water in a hurry I figure.

As the sun began to set Gerrard's group awaits him on the water. Looks like a beautiful evening fo a Bay Bullls tour. We'll be paddling sooon buddy.

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