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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Alexia comes from a Greek word expressing negation. A type of aphasia where damage to the brain causes the patient to lose the ability to read. You don't have to read anything to see the enormity or beauty of this superyacht.

It is docked at harbour side downtown St. John's. I was out shooting Cape Spear yesterday early and on the way back decided to get some soft light shots. Been meaning to shoot this for a few days now. They say the owner is Argentinian, not sure on that one but it's registered port says Jersey.

It sure is a beautiful boat. A sailing sloop with an overall length of 30.3  meters or 100.49 feet. The naval architect is Javier Soto Acebal of Argentina. He says the owner's brief was to "have all the cruising comforts and to race successfully in the Meditteranean circuit." Seeing is believing even if you can't read.


Andres KOCH said...

Me corre un cosquilleo por las venas cada vez que veo un velero de esta categoría y su diseñador es un argentino. En un pais tan dificil como el nuestro, estos logros y tecnogias pasan casi desapercibidas para la mayoría, donde una pelota, Maradona y Messi pareceria que fuera lo único que importara.
Me siento orgulloso como argentino al ver esta embarcación.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I'd be proud too ARk! Maradona and Messi are architects of their own sorts. They are heros!


Wenley said...

Thanks for bringing up the Alexia. It is funny how beautiful proportions are beautiful to everyone.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

That is true Wenley and also that when beauty is in the eye of the beholder the beholder has to be open to beholding. lol