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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Grand Bruit By Kayak"

The second leg of our trip.

When we woke in La Plante Harbour the next day it was early morning sunshine. I was up at 6 and went for a morning pee then set off on a hike to take pictures. When the sun shines ya gotta make hay!  The header image was taken that morning July 2nd. After 26 km yesterday (it will be 36km  today) it was good to stretch the legs again.

Early fog was developing already but the sun was quick to burn some off.

The coastal Iris and Newfoundland's provincial flower the Pitcher Plant. It is a beautiful carnivorous plant and possesses a prey-trapping mechanism whose deep cavity holds a liquid known as "pitfall trap". Just after my slip on seaweed coated rocks and a good ole shin gouging I was ready to relax and enjoy the light.

With our vehicles on our doorsteps it was time to catch breakfast and break camp.

A Beautiful day as we head down La Poile bay. About three down and three back up. I took more of a diagonal crossing to Eastern Point so it was probably more tan 6 kms I'm sure. Ralph breaking the water today.

La Poile is a small village that still receives ferry service from Rose Blanche-Burgeo. We didn't take out here it was purely for interest sake and rubber boots. lol

In Roti Bay we decide on a break at this beach Tony is heading for.

Fuelled up we begin again and start to make our way between mainland and Jacques Island.

Making our way past Wild Cove we begin to recognise a distant tower.

Beautiful weather passing the likes of Shag Rock, Tinker Rock, Grip Island and such we come up to The Barasway and clearly see the communication tower of Grand Bruit. It is a calm, peaceful paddle through there and a feeling of accomplishment starts to set in knowing we are nearing our half way mark and now familiar Grand Bruit pronounced Grand Brit.

Tower left...................Grand Bruit exit right!

Entering on our own steam this time we paddle into Grand Bruit. We see the dock and a few gathered there and proceed for a "paddle by", lol.

Low and behold our new friend Joe , proprietor of Cramalot Inn, is there to greet  us. One thing that was evident from the outset at Grand Bruit is that there is a strong culture of helping each other out. Today Joe was helping someone else leave the village and soon of course he would be packing his own belongings for territory less familiar I think.

A swing by the falls and we are ready to disembark our boats and once again set up camp. This time it would be in the United Church on the hill. Arriving early in the afternoon allowed us to take it easy, replenish our water supplies (my filter/pump came in handy) and enjoy the sun yet once again, oh wonderful kayaking gods!

We also had time to explore a bit the back side of Grand Bruit, the part we missed because of lack of time during our first arrival here two days ago. The Blue Hills in the background provided an excellent backdrop for a small hike. You are able to climb these hills but they are about an hour and some away. This natural reservoir of water is what feeds the falls that flow into the heart of the village. I'll have more pictures at posted soon.

Since our arrival in Burgeo about 5 days ago , we were captivated by the beauty of the  area and it extends all the way down the coast. I plan to make a pictorial book of our trip for each of us and of course it will need a cover. The on going joke of the trip was "this picture is the cover Ralph",because many of the shots taken I'm sure by all of us could easily be a cover for a book of some sort. Thanks again guys. Two days to go.

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