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Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Farley Mowat's House"

Finding Farley Mowat:

This wasn't as easy as we thought when we arrived in Burgeo. We knew he once had a house here. We made a few inquiries. Dorum our B&B host told us where he lived we were just typical males and drove around until we couldn't find it....then asked someone. Dorum said the house was "shrink wrapped" that means having had siding added. This takes away from the "naturalness" and originality of a place hiding in a way perhaps behind a modern shield, the individuality that is expressed by ones' home, the character and life they take on over time. Probably much like the owners I presume. Farley was an environmentalist, conservationist and author. He is known for such writings as  People of The Deer, Lost In The Barrens, Never Cry Wolf, A Whale for The Killing and The Sea of Slaughter to name a few. He is known for his controversial accounts of the impact of modern society on traditional cultures and the natural wilderness. He lived in small villages such as Burgeo, around Newfoundland and on a farm on the Island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. Well worth a read for sure. He was a second lieutenant in World War II and was in command of a rifle platoon and  participated in the initial landings of Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily. He has one many awards including The Order of Canada and On June 8th of 2010 would have a star added to Canada's Walk of Fame.
Ralph being as curious as he is, walked on up to his house for a closer look.  We were told it was very nice inside and bought by a neighbour whose son was moving in. Anyone home Ralph? lol

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