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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Burgeo By Kayak"

Guess what? This is our last day. We travel a good bunch of  km to get from Wreck Island To Burgeo. Mixed with big water, undulating swell and calm barasways.

It was an 8am departure from wreck Island. I slept fitfully through the night having gone to bed early. Even missed the camp fire. Had bit of a chill as the fog rolled in, the skies over cast with periods of rain and the wind picked up through the evening. At about 3am I was awakened by the sound of waves hitting the beach that seemed intensified. Got up warily in the dark and walked down to beach to find the water washing under the stern of my boat. Ralph and Tony had secured it last evening. Ralph's boat was also having its' stern washed so I moved both boats further up beach and went back to bed relieved. Tony's boat was fine. We were anxious to get on the go and hoping weather would hold. The fog was just a km or so out to sea.

Waters were not bad at start and certainly manageable as we pass Wreck Island Harbour.

Rounding the outer rim of Green Island we begin to appreciate the increase in swell from the open ocean of the Gulf.

As we near Kelpy Cove Point the swell is ever increasing with a bit more wind.

We are exposed here and not sheltered from the SWesterlies.  We decide to paddle a bit more towards the worsening swell at the headland into open ocean.

Adjusting for taking a shot was no easy task as allot of paddles rounding Kelpy Cove Point were braces and many times my deck was a wash. We soldiered on to the bit of respite provided by the inner side of the head and Cowlest Barasway.

Later we round Barasway Point, pass by Doctor's Island and near and pass Slaughter Rock. Not sure how this rock got its' name but one can only imagine a number of possibilities in this area.

With the tougher waters behind us on this day we are lulled by the Barasway waters and can see the towers and Island of Burgeo in the far distance we are back! But not before a stop on Cornelius Island for some much needed drink and refueling.

Cornelius has this cabin in a neat little protected cove with green fields and smaller islands around. A beautiful tranquil spot before the Burgeo finish.

As I gain steam for Burgeo I take one last look behind and see Ralph and Tony rounding Cronelius Island we are off again for the final leg. I contemplate our trip, our adventure and our success and it is then that I know we have etched memories forever.

Distant Burgeo.

Tout Finis!

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